When to Seek New Referrals to Balance Patient Representation


Are Patient Principal Diagnosis Ratios Impacting Your Hospice's Bottom Line? 

No two hospice patients are the same. And yet, part of the challenge that hospice leaders face is knowing how to plan effectively for the year ahead when so much...

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Controlled Substances in Hospice

 Best Practices for Ordering Controlled Substance Prescriptions 

Handling Errors

What happens if pharmacists discover an error in a controlled substance prescription?

Nobody’s perfect. Mistakes happen, including when writing prescriptions. While...

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A Commitment to Patient Care, Down to the Details

woman worker in pharmacy company warehouse-862300-edited.jpeg

OnePoint knows that patient care is your top priority. During busy days spent juggling responsibilities, you need medication ordering to be easy, fast and—just as importantly—accurate. With OPPC as your pharmacy partner, you will enjoy peace of...

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5 Ways to Prevent Drug Diversion

OPPC’s mission to provide our patients, their caregivers and their family members with the highest quality of care, reliability and support means that we take the issue of drug diversion extremely seriously.

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Realm of Relatedness: A disease state assignment to the use of memantine


Medications are prescribed for many reasons, usually for labeled indications but other times off-label. Knowing why medications are prescribed is essential to help understand the continued need for therapy as well as to determine payment...

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K. or Nay?


Ketamine is currently enjoying a surge in popularity. Though the year 2017 is still young, a PubMed search of articles with “ketamine” in the title limited to 2017 showed that there’ve already been 106 such publications released this year. ...

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Diving into Diversion

(Photo by Derek Gavey, CC BY 2.0)

There is a lot of buzz about the “opioid epidemic” our nation is currently facing, but haven’t opioids always been popular? According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), the number of deaths...

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