Factors that influence NSAID selection

Inhaled Isopropyl Alcohol for Nausea

Deprescribing Proton Pump Inhibitors

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Treating impending status epilepticus with intranasal midazolam

Oscar the Cat, Meet Dr. Peyo the Horse

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NOACs, Insulins, and COPD Drugs in Hospice: Where Are We Now?

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Apple iPhone 12 and Implanted Cardiac Devices: Social Distancing or Magnetic Attraction?

Wait... Shouldn't that be Yellow?

Oscar the Cat - Feline Prognosticator

A creative solution (or suspension) for overcoming barriers to Nuedexta® use in hospice

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Our Experience is Always Working For You

We're Here When You Need Us. Now More Than Ever.

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Our partners can rest assured: you’re in full compliance with Medicare Part D

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Questions from readers: Is one probiotic better than another?

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Create a Culture of Adaptability in Your Hospice

When to Seek New Referrals to Balance Patient Representation

Controlled Substances in Hospice

A Commitment to Patient Care, Down to the Details

5 Ways to Prevent Drug Diversion

Realm of Relatedness: A disease state assignment to the use of memantine

K. or Nay?

Diving into Diversion

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